Sandra Jones An Exposition

Three decades of Sandra Jones’ work now available for purchase. This is the first time Sandra’s large volume of art has been exhibited to the public in its entirety.

All displayed artworks are for sale on the shop pages

Sandra’s  Pastels Painting Sculpture & Commissions Work

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Sandra is a prolific artist whilst working in different mediums to adjust to the design of the motive. Working in pastels and also in ceramics, creating her studio portraits. Painting in various styles using both acrylic and oil paint,  Sandra’s paintings can be impressionistic landscapes or realistic  landscapes depending on the effect that she needs to portray. Ceramic sculpture is usually realistic but sometimes Sandra’s work produces a more stylized form. Sandra also does commission portraiture either sculpting or painting her subjects. 

sandra jones artist, pastel male study

Sandra has an ability to capture animals depicting their personalities. Pets are her speciality; order a lasting memory gift for yourself or your friends & family. Visit the commissioned projects page for more details. Below are some examples of Sandra’s animal sculpturemore are available for sale on the shop page.

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