About Sandra


S andra has a vast knowledge in Art. She began practicing art in 1978, whilst studying at Gymea TAFE,  to learn more about art practice and to become a qualified artist.

Securing an Art Certificate  from Gymea TAFE,  she later went on to study at the University College of NSW Fine Arts, where she trained to become a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education Degree. Later a Diploma was awarded whilst studying over three years on the subject of Renaissance Art at the NSW Art Gallery.

From the start date in 1978, Sandra has been a prolific practicing artist.

Sandra has presented her work in many exhibitions, both solo and collaborative with other artists.

Sandra’s first exhibition was in 1978. a collection of stoneware sculpture which demonstrated her ability to breathe a living presence into her sculpture at a young age. Open Studio exhibitions were a great success during the three years between 2010 till 2012.

The main influence evident in Sandra’s  sculpture is Bruno Luccesi Born 1926 – 2016 living in Luca Italy www.brunolucchesi.com

She uses his direct method of moulding sculpture, directly from the clay medium. Following his method of building up from a leather hard surface to a wet moulding surface, using clay modelling tools, she works until the clay comes to life, following the surface of the subject.
The Lucchesi  sculpture method is a type of drawing with clay. The sculpturing technique builds up over the structure complied underneath to support the work. A very direct method of sculpting. “Drawing with clay” is the term Sandra likes to use. When the clay is fired Sandra either paints or glazes the surface depending on the end result she is aiming for.

Sandra now has an extensive collection of art work, comprising of paintings, pastels and ceramics ready to sell. Sandra’s work spans her whole life. From the 70’s  until the present, Sandra has produced a huge volume of fine art work supporting her long career as a teacher and practicing artist. Presently living in Sydney, Sandra continues to produce high quality paintings and sculpture from her private studio.

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