All for the Love 2017 Exhibition

sandra jones artist exhibition, Sydney art exhibitions

I chose this title as it encompasses why I do art work. I mainly create to the contribution to others.

I believe the work I do with portraiture is my best work. There is a strong need to communicate with the audience to show them how I see the subject matter being either human or animal.

My art practice began in the 70’s with ceramics. This is where I learnt to sculpt. Clay is a medium for me, a wonderful medium, to express detail and content. The

‘Figure work’ in clay was my first visual expression, whilst working as an artist. The figures are then worked to a further conclusion using mixed media to express meaning. We have the Lover’s series, and also the mixed media series. With this work I am trying to convey a conscious expression of the human condition. Hence falling in love, or through various experiences that we find ourselves in, for example the feeling like we are on display. As a female there is always a conscious effort to look the best I can, as I believe we are more conscious how we are received visually.

The landscape, and imaginary the landscape, have different painting techniques. These techniques are how I approach my life, constantly adjusting to my surroundings. This I believe is a learnt strength to approach each work form a different angle of communication, similar as in life as we adjust and change approaching life on different angles of understanding.


I have used colour in both sculpting and painting to tie all the work together as a body of work.



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