Saint Mary MacKillop Sculpture

by Sandra Jones

Indoor Saint Mary MacKillop Sculpture, sandra Jones artist

The Sculpture is mounted on besa blocks. It can easily transported to any location needed.

Saint Mary MacKillop Sculpture June 1999


The Saint Mary MacKillop Sculpture was an inspiration of her dedicated work in the Catholic Schools. The final work was a response for what she achieved during her 1842-1909 dedicated life journey caring for disadvantaged children. Starting 21 schools for the needy children in regional Australia.
Firstly : I made a mould in fibreglass of the piece and pressed the clay into the mould. After the clay was dry I fired the special clay to 1180 degrees.
The sculpture is made of a white ceramic clay which is then painted with special long enduring ceramic paint. This is a enduring outdoor sculpture.
This sculpture can be replicated to the original work. Any number of sculptures can be completed from using the mould and  firing to stoneware temperatures.
Outdoor Saint Mary MacKillop Sculpture

Restoration Work for Loretto Normanhurst Girls College


Whilst working at Lorretto Normanhurst Ladies College teaching Visual Art.  I dedicated my spare time to working on religious sculpture. Repairing sculpture in the grounds of the Normanhurst College. The sculpture of Joseph and Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus is teaching Joseph carpentery skills. Pointing to the centre of the wheel of the cart they were making together. Baby Jesus needed to be made and attached to the table.

I was commissioned to make the figure of “Baby Jesus” from “The one archived photo in existence” The concrete sculpture I sculpted was missing. After completing the sculpture of Baby Jesus which is now permanently secured onto the table which now completes the sculptured installation.

The whole completed concrete sculpture installation was restored by myself and relocated. The sculptured piece is approximately 2 metres high & 1.5 metres in depth & 1.8 metres in length.

The completed piece, table, Joseph, wooden wheel structure, tools & Baby Jesus and plinth placed onto concrete slab and relocated to the playground area. The figure of Joseph was cemented and bolted onto the cement slab. The table was then cemented into place. The engraved brass plaque was then secured onto the cement plinth, displaying the engraved text which depicts the significance of the sculpture.

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